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I was born and raised on Salt Spring Island's, Mereside Farm. This meant I got to run among our farm animals, wander in our gardens, and play in the hay fields and outdoor cellars, which my family kept stocked with beautiful preserves.

 Almost everything we ate came from our farm, including meat, fresh eggs, cream, butter, even homemade yogurt. Mom would spend her days making, “real farm food” to help feed our large family of Uncles, Aunties, friends, and children, right down to the farm hands that come through their kitchen every year. Seeing this as a kid, I was right there in the middle of it all, watching, learning and loving every loud minute of it.

As I got older my passion for harvesting, growing and cooking grew, so I ventured into culinary school. Afterwards, I learned the ropes in high end restaurants, which gave me the skills and courage to branch out into running a successful catering business. After a few years I realized that something was missing. It was my roots, they were calling me back to that time from so long ago. I so desperately needed to recreate that feeling, but how? With the perfect pastry of course! After testing and tweaking it happened. A beautiful delicious pastry that rolls out and bakes off perfectly every time. 

Salt Spring Pie Co. is now in the hands of three generations all working side by side in the Mereside Farm kitchen. We are so pleased to offer you recipes of healthy, wholesome, savory and sweet delicious pies for you and your families to enjoy.

Lorna, Carol and Lillah Walde, Salt Spring Pie Co.

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